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Opportunities for Doctoral Students and Postdocs

The Kidney Immunology Laboratory always welcomes spontaneous applications from motivated students at the PhD, MD or post-doc level.



What can we offer to medical (MD) and life science (PhD) doctoral students?

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At the Medical Faculty of the LMU Munich, doctoral students benefit from a layered support infrastructure. The Munich Medical Research School (MMRS) acts as umbrella structure for all MD and PhD doctoral degrees and organises workshops on good scientific and good clinical practice, specifically tailored to the students. For doctoral students, the MMRS offers various degrees depending on the background of students and supervisors including MD PhD "Medical Research" and Dr. rer. biol. hum. Independent of the degrees, all doctoral students are monitored and managed by the MMRS and have access to courses and training seminars within the LMU, our laboratory and the Division of Nephrology in order to fulfil the doctoral regulations. 

The FöFoLe (Förderprogramm für Forschung und Lehre) program is a structured doctoral program for MDs at the Medical Faculty of the LMU Munich. This program promotes the scientific training of excellent junior medical researchers who are interested in the field of "Molecular Medicine", "Clinical-Translational Research" or "Inflammation Research EKFS". Students accepted by the program receive a one-year doctoral fellowship that they will conduct in our laboratory. An association of students from other universities in Germany is possible. 

For international PhD doctoral students, please also check funding options from your home country, e.g. CSC scholarship, the DAAD, Humboldt foundation, Marie Curie/EMBO program etc.

What can we offer to postdoctoral fellows?

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The Medical Faculty of the LMU Munich offers for early and advanced career researchers excellent conditions for their research projects and individual career development opportunities. Postdoctoral researchers can benefit from several funding schemes including the LMUexcellent initiative, which provides a junior researcher fund and investment fund, the LMU Postdoc Support Fund and LMU Research Fellowship, as well as the FöFoLe Researcher fund (for clinician scientists only). In our laboratory, we support and encourage postdoctoral fellows to secure their own DFG research project funds including own position.  


In addition to funding options, several career development and networking opportunities are provided by the LMU, such as Centre of Leadership and People Management (CLPM), the Munich Clinician Scientist Program (MCSP), and mentoring program MOMENTE, to support academic careers.  

Open Positions

We have currently no positions available.


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